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    Supports wide range of customized solutions for batteries both Primary and Secondary battery packs.
    Secondary batteries (Re chargeable)
    We have strategic tie-ups with global partners for manufacturing Lithium cells and packs with BIS- approved norms with BMS.
    Lithium ion , Li –Poly , LiFePO4 , Battery Packs for POS , VTS ,Electric Vehicle, Solar Lighting , Energy Storage, Medical, Robotics ,Defence & other devices.
    We can design safe and reliable solutions to meet your specifications

    ‌Swift has expertise in supporting Power back ups to all electronic Gadgets which are Battery operated. Various chemistries with latest technologies in Lithiom ion, LI polymer, Li Ferrophosphate & Primary Batteries for one time and long time batteries like CR2032, LiSocl2 which are majorly used in Utility meters.
    Products Lithium Ion Lithium Polymer LiFePO4
    Size 18650, 18500, Cylindrical / Prismatic Prismatic 18650, 26650, 32650,38120
    Voltage 3.7V 3.7V 3.2V
    Current 500mAh to 80AH 120mAh to 20AH 2Ah to J80Ah
    Packs Soft Soft Soft & Hard
    Approvals BIS BIS BIS
    Customization Series and Parallel combination to achieve required Voltage, Capacities Individual Cell and Battery Packs
    Primary batteries (Non chargeable)
    Lithium Thionyl chloride (Li-SO CL2 ) batteries with 3.6V and capacity up to 35000mAh widely used for AMR , both energy and water meter application. Some of the popular models are ER14250, ER34615, ER14505
    Lithium coin batteriesCR2032, CR2450, CR1225 for RTC back up with and without solderable tabs (2 & 3 horizontal and vertical tabs)
    Our Clients