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    Swift has expertise in supporting PCB's for many years, we have a strong network for catering to customers needs for quick turnaround service models proto's, small, medium and large volumes of pcb fabrication. We have well trained engineering support team equipped with latest tools to qualify the gerber inputs to facilitate the fabrication. Our quality supplies been supplied to major verticals of the industry viz power supply, energy, automotive, medical, defence, LED Light Industries etc.

    ‌Type of PCB Rigid, Flex & Rigid + Flex - IPC standard and MIL grade PCB
    No of Layers 2 to 24 Layers
    Material FR4, Metal Clad, Metal Core, Rogers, High TG, Nelco, Teflon
    Track Widtd / Spacing 4mil / 4mil
    Surface Finish LF HASL, HASL, Immersion Tin, ENIG, Immersion Silver
    Impedance PCB Uniform & Differential Impedance
    Copper tdickness 17.5um to 350um / Differential Copper
    PCB tdickness 0.6mm to 3.2mm
    Blind & Buried Via Yes

    PCB Engineering Services (For Multilayer High density Boards) :
    • Schematic Capture from hand written sketch
    • Library/FP creation as per IPC7351 standards
    • Thermal & Power Integrity Analysis (Board Level)
    • Gerber/DFM Validation
    • Signal integrity Analysis
    • PCB Layout design
    Our Clients